The History of SETS

SETS was founded back in the early 90’s to service the needs of the Victoria Police Air Wing safety equipment section.


There was also a requirement to upgrade and rethink the type of equipment which was being used at the time.


Since those early years, the Vic Police Air Wing has grown to become one of the busiest SAR/EMS & Police operators in the country.


As the main service provider for the manufacture, supply & maintenance of the safety, survival & rescue equipment, SETS has spent many years developing equipment to suit the harsh environment of SAR/EMS operations and the many needs & wants of the aircrew.


SETS equipment has been continuously evaluated to ensure it satisfies the needs & requirements of industry expectations & safety requirements.


SETS hold Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) approvals for the maintenance and manufacture of parachute and aircraft components.


The approvals fall under the 1988 CAR’s Part 30, 1998 CASR’s Part 21 and CAR 35.