SETS Restraint Harness has been designed in conjunction with SETS Y Piece assembly. 

This Y Piece acts as the harness to winch hook connector assembly.

It is a three legged assembly.

It is non-adjustable.

It can be manufactured with or without a quick release mechanism integrated into its design.

Y Piece with a quick release mechanism

Y Piece without a quick release mechanism

The Harness/Y piece combination gives the user a comfortable position whilst alone on the wire, working with patients/crew in a SETS Rescue Strop or whilst riding shotgun to a rescue stretcher.

The top leg (winch hook connector), is comprised of a length of webbing between a large D Ring and the two action quick release (if installed in the assembly).  The lower legs are identical and are used to connect to the winch harness lift points.  They have snap hardware installed as standard to enable quick and easy attachment to the lift point hardware.  There are two options available for the snap hardware depending on the model used.

SETS Y Piece is CASA approved and has been tested and approved to the ATSO-C1003 standard.


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