SETS Rescue Strop is designed to allow maximum comfort to the patient/crew being lifted or transferred.

The SETS Rescue Strop was the first to be offered as a ‘Hypothermic Rescue Strop’ with an integrated hypothermic strap in 1992 to the Vic PAW.

It comprises of a main padded sling with an integrated chest strap, hypothermic strap and rear assist strap.

Each side of the chest strap is stowed against the main sling padding in a hook & pile cover.  This enables easy access in difficult situations.

The hypothermic strap is a continuous strap which is stowed against the outside of the main sling padding for easy access even in situations where it isn’t possible to see.

The rear assist strap (grab handle) is always accessible and makes the emplaning of a patient easier.


SETS Rescue Strop is CASA approved and has been tested and approved to the ATSO-C1003 standard.


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