SETS Dispatchers Restraint Strap (Monkey strap or Aircraft Restraint Strap) is an adjustable restraint strap which has been designed to enable crew to move about the cabin and at the door during their normal operations.  

Its design utilises a two action emergency quick release integrated into the assembly.



Dispatchers restraint Strap (HW-DRS [C-S] pictured)

It is made up of three sections:

Aircraft Attachment

[A/C attach. to adjuster]

Hardware Options:       

  • Standard snap.

  • Self locking snap.
  • D Ring.

Adjustable Main Strap

[Quick release to adjuster]

Standard Length


Length as determined by customer requirements.

Harness/Belt Attachment

[harness attach. to quick release]

Hardware Options:         

  • Standard snap.

  • Self locking snap.


SETS Dispatcher Restraint Strap is CASA approved and has been tested and approved

to the ATSO-C1001 Standard.


  • The Back Up Crew Restraint is a hard eye swaged stainless steel cable sling.

  • It is used as a back up to the crew restraint strap attachment point.
  • It gives a secondary attachment for the restraint strap.
  • The restraint strap attaches to one of the single stud rings on either end.
  • There is no attachment directly to the wire sling.
  • CAR35 Approved.

Backup Crew Restraint


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