SETS Harness has been designed to meet the very demanding requirements of the Search & Rescue and EMS operators in Australia.

It is designed for use as an internal restraint whilst working on a restraint strap such as the Dispatchers Restraint Strap (Monkey Strap) at the winch controls or within the cabin.

It is available in three sizes.  Small [S-  ], Medium [M-  ] and Large [L-  ].

It is a true seat harness which enables a comfortable vertical lift but still allows the flexibility which is needed for movement in and around the helicopter SAR/EMS working environment.

Fitting the Harness (HW-CRW [L-1] pictured)

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The winch harness is also designed for use as an external lift harness for vertical lift rescues & transfers.  It can also be used comfortably for other type external lift, such as rappelling.

Attachment to Restraint Strap (HW-DRS [C-S]

attached to HW-CRW [L-1] pictured)

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It is a Full Body Harness, able to be adjusted at the leg straps, belly band, chest strap and front lift web.

For comfort there is padding on the back straps, lumbar block and seat.

The Restraint Harness allows a comfortable lift regardless of type operation.  i.e. winching or rappelling.  The wearer is placed in a vertical attitude for a comfortable ‘arm chair’ ride or is able to push back into a more horizontal attitude for rappelling applications.



If SETS Restraint Harness is used in conjunction with other equipment, such as Restraint Strap, reference should be made to the Operator and Instructions Manuals for that equipment for information concerning technical data, instructions for use and operational limitations.


The harness is approved as an internal RESTRAINT HARNESS & an EXTERNAL LIFT HARNESS (on the winch wire)

SETS Harness is CASA approved and has been tested and approved to the ATSO-C1003 standard.


  • The SETS Restraint Belt is used for internal restraint - doors close operations.
  • Used by paramedics/doctors who require restraint whilst moving about the aircraft tending to patients.
  • It couples to the SETS Dispatcher Restraint Strap.
  • It is available with a single D Ring on one side or two D Rings, one each side.
  • It is secured with snap & V Ring hardware.
  • CASA PC approval (original TCA CAR 1988 then upgraded to Production Certificate (PC) approval under CASR Part 21 1998)


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